Digital Marketing Case Study - Evolve Back Resorts


Increase in Online Bookings


ROI On Google Ad Spends


Increase in Booking directly on the website

Our partnership with Orange County Resorts began in 2014, when Christopher John Vadakkel, CEO of Social Tribe, helped win the account with his previous agency. Based on the work done for them, Orange County Resorts decided to join Chris while he set up Social Tribe.

Orange County resorts, is one of the leading luxury brands in India as a destination resort. The brand name is world renowned and is one of the most visited resort destinations in India.

Orange County Resorts are the premier luxury resort destination in India. In spite of this, they realized that they were missing out on significant opportunities to improve their omnichannel experience and grow online revenue.

The second main assignment was when Orange County decided it was time to evolve their name that has served them majestically over the last 30 years and move towards a more universally accepted name as they plan to expand to Africa and other locations in Asia. They adopted the name Evolve Back resorts, inspired by the "Spirit of the Land" philosophy that binds each resort to the local culture of their respective areas.



Orange County Resorts had built an equity with their brand name and experience which allowed them to attract customers to their resorts even though they did little to promote their brand online. Our main objective was to introduce the experience of Orange County Resorts to a new generation of customers. We also wanted to use a digital channel as the backbone of reaching out to secondary market cities as well as to international cities.


With our second task, we were faced with a difficult proposition of ensuring that the Orange County faithful knew that although the brand has changed, the quality , service and luxury remain the same. We also had to ensure that the sales did not dip inspite of this brand change.

What did we do?

Focus on long term strategy

The initial focus was mainly on creating data driven strategy which enabled us to create the customer segment buckets. Our deep dive approach using Google Analytics ,Google AdWords and on ground data (provided by the resort team) allowed us to put together a strategy that reached our previous guests as well as a new audience who was very similar to the audience that had previously made bookings at Orange County Resorts.

Work Side by Side with the client

We decided from a very early stage that the inputs from the clients are going to be crucial to our strategy and research. The Evolve Back team was extremely supportive to provide us with all the data we needed to better understand how to target their audience. This continues to happen almost on a weekly basis as we research, strategize, execute and optimize our campaigns.

Test, Optimize, Document, Repeat!

Since Evolve Back Resorts did not have any historic data that we could use in our strategies, we decided to test every element of our ads, customer segmentations and communication to ensure that we had the right direction in our marketing efforts. We continuously A/B tested everything from copies to creatives to audience targeting to pin code targeting. We ensured we documented every test in the past 4 years , to help us make better marketing decisions today.


Our ongoing project with Evolve Back has made a number of improvements, both tangible and intangible, to the sales funnel to increase conversions. These intangible improvements include researching the market, focusing Evolve Back offline efforts, creating a programmatic advertising campaign and improving CX during a purchase.

At the same time our continuous A/B testing allowed us to outperform in a number of metrics. These include :

  • 3X Increase in Online Revenue

  • 5X ROI on Google Ad Spends

  • 5X Increase in Direct Bookings

  • Increased Revenue generated by Facebook by 20X

  • 1000's of highly qualified leads using Facebook generated

  • Millions of impressions in new markets across the world driven by Social Media

  • Decreased Google Ad Spends by 33%

  • Increased revenue by 300%

  • Increased KPI's like bounce rate, average session duration, average pages per session

  • Remarketing across multiple channels using GDN, Youtube and Social Media which helps to continuously increase performance

  • Average Position of 1.1 across all keywords with 95% Impression Share.