Digital Marketing Case Study - Make My Trip


Increase in Bookings


Reduction in Cost/Session


Increase in Booking directly on the website

With 2 Million Visitors on the website per month, Make My Trip was the clear leader in the online OTA space in India. Inspite of this they were still getting high bounce rates and low session duration because users were coming to the website but not completing transactions.



The key challenge here was to think of a creative strategy that would increase conversion rates on India's number 1 OTA platform. This was not easy as Make My Trip already has an excellent marketing team that is experienced with creating highly optimized digital campaigns. Our goal was to explore marketing strategies that had been not adopted by the Make My Trip team. We really had to push ourselves as a digital marketing agency to get the results that Make My Trip wanted.

What did we do?

Focus on Dynamic Content Optimization

We realized that Make My Trip was driving a lot of traffic from media inventory purchased. However, this inventory traffic was not converting. We could see a high bounce rate and a high number of drop offs after price comparison. It became clear that we needed to change the re-marketing strategy for Make My Trip. As a data driven digital marketing agency, we were well equipped to create a dynamic creative optimization campaign strategy for them. This would allow us to create better performing re-marketing banners that were not static.

Personalized Messaging

Since the banner ads were being dynamically created, we could now personalize them. Using Hockeycurve's ad delivery platform along with Dynamic Creative Optimization, we could create personalized ad banners that would have a personal discount coupon in the name of the person attached to the banner ad for the destination they were planning to go to. This personalized ad banner would then directly take the customer to a page where his trip details are automatically populated. The customer would then only have to click once to reach the checkout page.

Test, Optimize, Document, Repeat!

As a digital marketing company, if you are not testing, you are not doing it right. We ran over a 100 A/B tests and tested location, placement, media inventory, different copies and different designs. All of these allowed us to create a super targeted, super optimized campaign that helped Make My Trip attain the results it wanted.


The result was that our remarketing campaign drove a huge increase in traffic, a huge increase in bookings and a client happy with the work we had done for them. 

  • 15% Increase in Bookings

  • 20% decrease in cost per session

  • 30% reduction in display advertising spends

  • 35% increase in revenue/advertising spends

  • Reduced Bounce rate by 30%

  • Created over 200,000 unique ads, all dynamically created.