Digital Marketing Case Study - NBC


Increase in Online Ticket Bookings


Reduction in display spends


Increase in Revenue/ Advertising spends



What did we do?

With over 1 Million+ impressions across multiple websites, we had a host of data that we could look at and analyze. We had to understand what the user behavior was, during his intent of purchase. We tracked and analyzed which websites they would go to and how much time they would spend on each website. We then segmented them based on the type of website and created content buckets to communicate with them.

By understanding the user behavior of people we could understand what their user journey was. What websites they visit, what content they consume. By understanding this, using programmatic advertising strategy and leveraging HockeyCurve's intelligent Cookie Pooling solution & Dynamic Content Optimization we were able to target high intent users on the days leading up to the film to come back to the website to book tickets. By focusing our funnel to these high intent users on the exact websites they consume content we could drive back considerable traffic that converted. We created a slew of creatives that we used as a sequential story to these users.

We were able to execute multiple A/B tests to understand what kind of sequential creative work the users were interested in. Using Hockeycurve's intelligent network, we were able to assign scores to these users. Based on these scores, users were then segmented and different messaging types were tested on different websites. We clearly saw a high CTR on websites or web pages that were focused on English Cinema.


The result was that our campaign allowed NBC to finally recognize ROI on their huge spends. We further amplified this achievement by decreased ad spends and increasing CTR

  • 10% Increase in Online Bookings

  • 65% Increase in Revenue/Advertising Spends

  • 25% reduction in display advertising spends

  • Reduced Bounce Rate.

  • Increased CTR%

  • 90 MN + Ad Impressions

  • F&F 8 did the largest weekend opening in history in India